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Call to Action: Clef Program 2017

The Africa Foundation Community Leaders Education Fund Scholarship Program celebrates 20 years of existence this year!  In September 2016, donors, friends, stakeholders, Ambassadors of the Program and graduates from the 2014 and 2015 academic years gathered to celebrate the annual Community Leaders Education Excellence Awards. These awards recognize the hard work and performance of students and celebrate their success as they embark on their future careers.

Twenty graduates, who obtained varied qualifications ranging from Bachelors of Science in Geology and Hydrology to National Diplomas in Environmental Science and many others, proudly shared their experiences during the evening. They each had touching and heart-warming experiences which they shared, and they described how the scholarship from Africa Foundation has helped to mold their lives and their families’ lives.

The South African Higher Education system has been undergoing tremendous scrutiny and turmoil with the #FeesMustFall campaign – a call from students for government to provide free higher education.  While the merits of the demands are strongly debated, the reality is that tuition fees for higher education are costly. Most of the students in the communities in which Africa Foundation works are poverty-stricken and can least of all afford to pay for their higher education. Yet, their passion and commitment for learning remains.

Through Africa Foundation scholarships, these young minds and talents are given the opportunity to explore their potential.  In the 20 years of the program, 438 students have graduated from various institutions of higher education in South Africa.  Our work is not yet done – as we look towards the new academic year, we hope to offer more scholarships to students.  Our aim for 2017 is to assist 100 students; however, in order to achieve this goal, we need to raise $277,000.

The Africa Foundation Community Leaders Education Fund Scholarship Program provides a perfect opportunity for you to become involved in helping to make a positive impact on the lives of the youth of Africa. We hope you will join us.