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Khulani Special School, Mduku Community, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

This project is the culmination of the hard work shown by many key stakeholders, all of whom share a common vision: to establish a school that will cater for disabled children in the communities of Mduku initially and in time, in Mnqobokazi and Nibela.

Government department have come together with members of the Khulani Special School Committee and others and now regularly meet to discuss the development of the school. Funds for Phase 1 of the project have been made available by the Africa Foundation UK through Art for Africa, and Africa Foundation USA and a working relationship has been formally agreed with the Government by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding clearly outlining the various roles, responsibilities and expectations of all parties.

After discussion, it has been agreed that the initial funding will be used to build two classrooms, storerooms, an office, an ablution block and a kitchen, which will enable the school of operate properly.  The plan for the complete project includes up to fourteen classrooms, ablutions, storerooms, multi-purpose rooms, media centre, computer room, administration block, kitchen/dining hall and dormitories for both girls and boys.

In late 2010, local contractors who met the qualifying terms of the tendering process were invited to apply for the contract.  Of these, five were eventually chosen and given the tender documents to complete.  The construction of Khulani Special School requires Grade 3 Certification which is based upon the contractors own qualifications, quality of work, type of entity he represents and the value of previous contracts successfully completed.   The contract to build the school was eventually awarded to V Bhengu Construction which holds Grade 4 Certification.

Work began on 8th December when the Khulani School site was finally handed over to the contractor and it is anticipated that the project will be completed by May 2011.  Regular site inspections will be held over the coming months and the technical team will meet and assess each phase as it is completed.  Susannah Friend, CEO of Africa Foundation in the UK, and Krista Krieger, Chairman of the Trustees of Africa Foundation USA visited the site in January 2011 and were delighted to see the foundations being dug.  At last, Khulani Special School has begun – we are all very excited and will follow the progress closely.