COVID-19 Response

In response to COVID-19, Africa Foundation has launched a response campaign in an effort to immediately support the most vulnerable in the rural communities in which we work. The response focuses on clinic support, food security, water access and business support. Please consider contributing to help increase community resilience in the face of COVID-19.


Our primary partner in Africa is:


Africa Foundation (SA)

AFRICA FOUNDATION (SA) is the South African non-profit organization though which AFRICA FOUNDATION (USA) and AFRICA FOUNDATION (UK) create, build and sustain most of their community development projects in East and Southern Africa. It is a separate independent organization registered with the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) and as a Nonprofit Organization (NPO).

Our Supporters:

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We acknowledge the generous assistance of andBeyond ( which supports Africa Foundation projects in the communities adjacent to its safari lodges.

Our other supporters include:

The Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social Justice
Disney’s Animal Programs
Flora Family Foundation
MMK Foundation
Northern Trust Group
The Plumpjack Group
Society of Critical Care Medicine
J.P. Morgan Private Bank