Current Projects

Oceans Without Borders – Reef Restoration and Monitoring

Oceans Without Borders (OWB) is an initiative which strives to catalyze positive change across our ocean footprint, through the care of the ocean, marine wildlife, and people. OWB is a partnership between andBeyond and Africa Foundation, responding to the fact that globally, our oceans are being devastated by human activity..

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ECHO Environmental Education

One of Africa Foundation’s core focus areas is Conservation. In order to strike a balance between the interests of people living close to these conservation areas, the interests of business to pursue tourism operations and the protection of wildlife -a symbiotic relationship must exist. Our experience working with communities surrounding core conservation areas, is that there is very little understanding of the value of conserving the local nature and wildlife and the benefits thereof. The Environmental Education Program has been designed to bring into everyday schooling, the core messaging around the preservation of the environment and wildlife. Teaching children from a young age enables the development of positive behaviors and habits in the way individuals view and the environment

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