Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Recent exciting developments with the Kilimamoja Secondary School borehole project as water flows out of the ground! ? The school is in the community of Kilimamoja in Tanzania located north of Lake Manyara and east of the Ngorongoro Conservation area.
Kilimamoja Secondary School struggled with water shortages and is dependent on a water pipe from a spring in Ngorongoro forest, 30km away. In the dry season it becomes even more difficult for the school to receive water from this source. Students walk to collect buckets of water from a nearby lodge that donates its supply, which can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task. Water availability and management can also impact school attendance among young girls.
Improving access to safe water in rural communities through the drilling of boreholes, installation of community water access points, or the distribution of Hippo Water Rollers is so important. Through the support and funding from donor, the daily burden of water collection and the general health and well-being of community members – can be drastically improved.
?: Kilimamoja
?: Tanzania
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