Program Areas

We believe education, healthcare and clean water, income generating activities, and wildlife and environment programs are key areas of focus in Africa.


Without education rural people cannot break the cycle of poverty. In remote communities, schools are often overlooked and chronically lacking in resources. Since its founding, Africa Foundation has made the building and improvement of preschools, primary schools and high schools a priority. In addition, it develops and funds scholarship programs, conducts vocational training, facilitates adult education and supports orphaned and vulnerable children.

Healthcare and Clean Water

Healthcare and clean water are essential to the successful development of rural communities. A community without adequate healthcare cannot thrive. A community without a reliable source of clean water must spend its time on the basic necessities of survival and cannot spare the time or energy to send its children to school. Africa Foundation builds and upgrades clinics and accommodations for medical staff, facilitates HIV/AIDS awareness programs and other healthcare counseling and helps provide access to clean water.

Income Generating Activities

Income generating activities strengthen rural communities, whose members must have a source of income to provide for their families. Africa Foundation works with communities on agricultural projects, provides entrepreneurial support and builds skills centers and markets in which community members can sell their products. Many of the staff members in andBeyond safari lodges come from local communities and are trained by andBeyond to work in all aspects of safari lodge operations.

Wildlife and Environment

The wildlife and environment program aims to provide rural communities with the capacity for informed decision-making about land management and conservation and also focuses on the conservation of wildlife. Students learn about the neighboring game preserves through conservation lessons and visits to the preserves. The program also includes community training on subjects such as the effective use of water resources. The recently created Rhinos Without Borders translocation project will provide essential protection to this endangered member of Africa’s “Big Five.”

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