Thursday, October 12, 2023

Community Leaders Education Fund (CLEF)


Recently we held CLEF workshops and interviews with beneficiaries from Unguja Cluster on Mnemba Island, Zanzibar. These workshops provided information for both prospective recipients of the bursaries, as well as family members.

CLEF is one of Africa Foundation’s Future Leaders programs that seeks to improve access to education by providing scholarships, giving young people the life-changing opportunity to obtain tertiary education. The success of the program resides in the strength of its methodology, which includes the following:

? Students are not restricted to a particular course of study or a particular institution.

? Students return to their communities once a year during vacation time to perform invaluable community service activities (known as the Buyisela Program).

? CLEF provides partial bursaries – this means students are required to cover the balance of their funding through alternative pathways, thereby encouraging them to take ownership of their financial responsibilities as well as committing to their studies.

? Africa Foundation provides ongoing mentorship and support to all CLEF students throughout the year. This assistance ranges from advice in securing further financial aid to maintaining contact after they have graduated so as to keep track of their employment progress.

To learn more about CLEF, head to:


?: Unguja, Mnemba Island

?: Zanzibar

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