Monday, October 30, 2023

A VIP visitor to Kidagoni Health Center!


Last week, Zanzibar Health Minister, Hon. Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, visited Kidagoni Health Center in Northern Unguja, Zanzibar. Mr. Mazuri and his team inspected the establishment and engaged in fruitful and inspiring conversations with the Africa Foundation and @andbeyondmnemba team about how best to support the communities on Mnemba Island.

Kidagoni Health Center has been supported as part of Africa Foundation’s ‘Future Foundations’ initiative, which aims to provide education and healthcare infrastructure to support developing communities. Africa Foundation, in partnership with @andbeyondtravel and the Government of Zanzibar, refurbished and opened Kidagoni Health Center at the beginning of 2023, providing much-needed healthcare services to members of the surrounding communities.


To learn more about Africa Foundation’s Future Foundations initiatives on Zanzibar, head to


?: Mnemba Island

?: Northern Unguja, Zanzibar


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