Ololosokwan Primary School

Ololosokwan is one of the wards in Loliondo division in Ngorongoro District of Tanzania. Ololosokwan ward incorporates several villages including Ololosokwan, Meirowa, Seroand Darupoi. Ololosokwan is located near to Serengeti National Park Northern border, approximately 20km from andBeyond Kleins Camp.

Boys Dormitory

Ololosokwan Community, Tanzania
Funding Needed FULLY FUNDED

Description of the Community

Further north Ololosokwan Village borders the Republic of Kenya’s south border. The community consists of approx. 5,000 people, mainly Maasai, who are pastoralists and subsistence farmers. They Maasai community of Ololosokwan are very proud of their culture and are very happy to keep and live it. They do not use game meat and therefore are well known to easily co-exist with wildlife unlike many other tribes neighboring conservation areas or and National Parks. Ololosokwan is slightly mountainous with a few grassland plains and main challenges for the community are insufficient grazing areas compared to the number of cattle, and frequent droughts spells, during which time they can lose many of their cattle.

Ololosokwan has a government primary school –Ololosokwan Primary as well as a private secondary school owned by the Pastoral Women Council. There is also a Government run clinic which Africa Foundation built and has provided support for. The community also has a craft market at which local Maasai women sell their handicrafts.

There is a permanent spring water source nearby which provides water to this community through a flowing stream which passes in the village and also there are few water distribution points of piped water from the same spring. Africa Foundation is currently supporting the development of a new water supply, from another smaller spring, which will better serve a smaller section of the Ololosokwan community known as Matunge sub village.

The community consists of approx. 5,000 people, mainly Maasai, who are pastoralists and subsistence farmers

Project Summary

Ololosokwan Primary School was established in 1979. The school has an enrollment of 759 pupils (433 boys and 329 girls), taught by 8 teachers, creating a high pupil to teacher ratio of 95:1.

Africa Foundation has been supporting the school for a number of years. Our involvement has included increasing capacity with the construction of two classrooms and donation of 40 desks and improving facilities with the addition of a kitchen and dining hall and teacher’s ablutions. andBeyond Kleins Camp have also assisted the development of the school grounds, donating and planting 100 trees.

The community of Ololosokwanis dispersed over a large area which led to many children having to travel long distances to access schooling.

Ololosokwan Primary therefore decided to provide boarding. The school constructed a simple structure to house 80 boys and 80 girls during term-time. The responsibility to provide mattresses, bedding and amenities for boarding children lies with their parents, but as many were not in a position to meet these needs, a lot of children were left sleeping on the floor. In 2016, Africa Foundation donated 160 mattresses to improve their situation, however over time the buildings having grown old and dilapidated are in need of refurbishment. To meet demand the Government have supported the construction of a new girls dormitory to accommodate a further 48 children.

The project did not however include additional ablutions –which are currently under construction due to the generosity of Africa Foundation donors. Currently there are 186 boarders, and the boys in particular are extremely cramped and staying in poor conditions. Africa Foundation is raising funds to build an additional dormitory block, including ablutions, for the boys.

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